Petrol Petrol prices in metros hiked by 25-27 paise per litre

Petrol prices across metros have been increased by 25-27 paise per litre, while diesel prices have gone up by 24 paise. According to information from Indian Oil, petrol now costs Rs 74.89 per litre in Bengaluru, Rs 75.26 per litre in Chennai, Rs 76.99 in Hyderabad and Rs 74.51 in Ernakulam.

While petrol prices in Hyderabad and Chennai went up by 27 paise, Bengaluru’s went up by 26 paise and Ernakulam saw petrol price increase by 34 paise, as compared to the previous day.

In Delhi, a litre of petrol now costs Rs 72.42, in Mumbai Rs 78.10, and in Kolkata Rs 75.14.

Diesel prices in Hyderabad now stand at Rs 71.75 a litre, Rs 68.06 in Bengaluru, Rs 69.57 in Chennai, Rs 65.82 a litre in Delhi, Rs 69.04 in Mumbai, and Rs 68.23 in Kolkata.

This is steepest hike in petrol prices since the July 5 budget, when a hike in excise duty led to petrol prices increasing by nearly Rs 2.50 a litre.

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