Gmail Brings One-Swipe Gesture to Switch Accounts on Android

Gmail’s latest update makes it very easy for users to switch accounts in Android. The feature has already been available on iOS for a while, and now users have got the easy switch gesture on Android as well. All users have to do is swipe up or down on their profile picture in the top right to switch between accounts. This functionality comes with Gmail version 2019.08.18, and is only useful for users with multiple email accounts linked to their app. The release also reportedly contains the first signs of Dark Mode as well.

Android Police was the first one to spot this addition of gesture-based switching on Gmail version 2019.08.18. The update is rolling out slowly on Google Play Store. To reiterate, users can now switch between multiple email accounts by just swiping up or down on the profile picture placed on the top right of the screen. This helps in quickly moving between inboxes, but to load the full account picker interface, you will still need to tap on the left menu and open it up.

We were also able to spot the feature after sideloading the app via APK Mirror, as the Google Play listing in India was yet to feature the updated version. As mentioned, this feature was first rolledout to iOS users in May, and it has now trickled on Android as well. Furthermore, Android Police reports the first traces of the dark mode in Gmail can be seen in this version.

Both the widget and the splash screen have the dark variation to suit the system-wide theme on Android Q, hinting that it is indeed bringing the feature to the stable version soon. For those who haven’t received the latest Gmail update as of yet, users can now download the APK via APK Mirror.

Author: Read Write

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