EC Launches electors Verification programme

The Election Commission of India launched a nation-wide Electors Verification Programme on Sunday, for which a special camp was held at the EC headquarters in New Delhi.

The initiative, launched at all levels from state and union territory headquarters, to districts and a million polling stations, aims to provide better electoral services, improve communication between voters and the Commission, and the overall health of electoral rolls in general. The programme will end on September 15.

Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora unveiled the initiative on the National Voters’ Service Portal (NVSP) online and the Voter Helpline App. He said, “Electoral Roll is the foundation on which the entire superstructure of the Election Commission of India stands. I urge all the citizens to participate in the verification programmes so that the Commission can provide better electoral services in all forthcoming elections.”

Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa also said, “It is an important opportunity for all the voters to verify and authenticate their details. Participation of people is paramount to the success of the drive, I urge all to come forward and ensure an error free Electoral Roll as it is the heart of the electoral process.”

Voters can use the NVSP, app, common service centres or the voter facilitation centre to avail of facilities like verification and correction of details, authentication, updating details of family members and giving feedback, among others.

The one-time authenication of details will enable voters to recevie updates on application status, election day announcements, and receive voter slips on their email and mobile numbers. Alerts on changes details of polling stations, and other relatd information will also be readily available to the electors.

Employees of the Election Commission kick-started the drive by verifying their individual and family details.


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