How to make sure your child car seat is fitted correctly

Research suggests that more than 70% of all child car seats are incorrectly fitted, or the wrong size. Here’s everything you need to know about making sure your child car seat is fitted correctly.

A twisted belt, resting the child seat against the backseat’s head rest instead of the seat back, or using the wrong seat for your child’s age or size, and more besides are all examples of a child seat not being fitted correctly. Even moving a child out of a child seat too soon is dangerous and risks your child’s life in the event of a collision.

Before we go too deep, we need to point out that this is general advice only and that all child seats are different – you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your child seat. And, if in doubt, always check with a child seat fitting expert.

Age should only ever be used as a guide when moving your child from one seat type to another and that’s because not all children are the same size/height at the same age. So, you should always go off the height markers on your child seat before moving your child from one seat type to another.

This means that if your child is, say, 10-years-old but their shoulders are still safely below the maximum height marker on the child seat then your child needs to remain in their child seat. Moving them out too early is risking their life in the event of a collision.

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