That was incredibly perfect shot to see PM Modi soaking wet in a raft : Bear Grylls

In an interview , Bear Grylls spoke about his encounter with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the shooting of Man vs Wild, which will be telecast on Monday.Edward Micheal Grylls, better known as Bear Grylls,is a former British special forces officer who hosts a survivalist reality show that has featured celebrities like actor Ben Stiller and former US president Barack Obama.
Look at some of his answers about the show and his experience :
1. How did you and the PM decide on the message of the episode?
Both of us wanted to show the world how remarkable India is, how influential India can be and how powerful a force for good in terms of conservation and the environment India can become.
2.Any behind-the-scenes vignettes that you can share?
Some horrendous weather hit us a few hours before filming and the PM ended up in an epic journey up river in a small boat that took him hours. His team was legitimately worried about rising water levels but the PM was calm personified. Then as soon we started off together, he was full of energy, he laughed a lot and was up for anything.
3.The promos say the episode will provide insights on a different aspect of the Prime Minister. Any hints or teasers?
You won’t believe the sight of the most powerful man in India, soaking wet, floating down river in a homemade little raft of reeds! And his passion for young people is inspirational.


Author: Mamta Joshi

Currently pursuing my degree for mass communication from maharaja agrasen institute of management studies

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