Ai mohabbat tere anjam pe rona aaya


Ai mohabbat tire anjām pe ronā aayā
jaane kyuuñ aaj tire naam pe ronā aayā

yuuñ to har shaam umīdoñ meñ guzar jaatī hai
aaj kuchh baat hai jo shaam pe ronā aayā

kabhī taqdīr kā mātam kabhī duniyā kā gila
manzil-e-ishq meñ har gaam pe ronā aayā

mujh pe hī ḳhatm huā silsila-e-nauhagarī
is qadar gardish-e-ayyām pe ronā aayā

jab huā zikr zamāne meñ mohabbat kā ‘shakīl’
mujh ko apne dil-e-nākām pe ronā aayā

Author: Read Write

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