Vodafone Rewards Now Offers Cashback, Extra Data And More With Every Prepaid Recharge

The battles in the telecom space continue. The latest salvo has been fired by Vodafone-Idea, which has unleashed the Vodafone Rewards for its prepaid customers. This is also known as the Har Recharge Pe Inaam offer.

Now, every time a Vodafone prepaid user recharges their prepaid connection, they will get one or more of extra data, voice call benefits, cashback for future recharges, SMS pack add-ons or subscriptions for Caller Tune or Missed Call alerts, also known as Missed Call Intimation (MCI).

To be able to avail the benefits of the new Vodafone Rewards, a Vodafone prepaid user can recharge their connection via the Vodafone India website, the Vodafone app, through third party apps including mobile wallets as well as physically at a retail store. Any and all recharge denominations are eligible for these rewards.

Once the recharge is successfully done, the Vodafone prepaid user can either visit the Vodafone app on their phone or dial *999# to activate the benefits picked for your recharge. This process however, has to be done within 72 hours of the recharge, else the benefits will lapse.

This offer is also applicable for new Vodafone prepaid users, who would do a first recharge for their number.

If you happen to do multiple recharges for your Vodafone prepaid connection, you will be eligible for multiple rewards as well. At times, you will see more than one reward for a recharge that you may have done—in this case, you can choose to avail and activate any one of these two benefits.

Vodafone’s offer comes at a time when its rival Airtel is offering a wide range of benefits with each of the recharge options for its prepaid users. These include subscription for Airtel TV Premium, subscription for Norton Mobile Security suite, cashback on new smartphone purchases, Rs 4 lakh Term Life Insurance cover from HDFC Life/Bharti AXA, extra 4G data and courses from Shaw Academy, for instance.

At the moment, Vodafone and Airtel are battling Reliance Jio, and have rolled out offers for prepaid as well as post-paid customers.

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