Ditch and switch

It might have worked for you, but does it hold the same charm and spell the same magic. Perhaps not! Trends, style and fashion changes with time, and so should you. For this year, look back and decide, with a little help from us, what to ditch and what to switch to!

Ditch: Stuff that reminds you of “Friends:” the Rachel ‘do, too many blonde highlights or Pheobe’s “jogging style” double-knot pony tail. Extreme push-up bra, jeans with everything, zip-front leather jacket.

Switch: Braids or soft natural curls instead of the scrunchie. A vintage ALAIIA style waisted leather jacket, a bra that doesn’t look hard wired, mis-matched stripes and dots, a man’s silk tie and a waist coat.

Ditch: Skinny. skinny eyebrows circa 1991.

Switch: Bushy but sculpted brows, somewhere between Ava Gardner and Brooke Shields circa. ’78 (“Pretty Baby”).

Ditch: Roll neck cashmere sweater, skinny pants (Elle Macpherson, supermodel).

Switch: Pleated Hermes scarf, boat-necked cashmere sweater, tuxedo pants, gold tap dancing shoes (super-rebel)

Ditch: Logo mania, handbag/sunglasses/perfume/magazine addiction/shopping mania, obsession with celebrities cellulite levels. And, SAY IT LOUD, banish baby soft panties. You’re a big girl now!

Switch: To real novels instead of Mcfiction, G-string things are big and brighter than ever, your own seamstress.

Keep Yoga classes, natural skin-care, vintage savvy, one logo item (framed), honey-colored fish nets, Monolos (for bridesmaids at your wedding), hats, Laura Mercier make-up brushes, fig-scented candles, handbags (for granddaughters).

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