CCTV cameras meant for thief catching : Stolen by Thieves

Normally, thieves are tracked through CCTV cameras, but the situation in Delhi seems to have been reversed. The Arvind Kejriwal-led government’s ambitious project of installing over two lakh CCTV cameras has now become the target of the city’s thieves.
CCTV equipment have been reported stolen from Adarsh Nagar, where MLA Pawan Sharma had installed 50 cameras under Kejriwal government’s pet project. The cameras were installed in Jahangir Puri G block and Jhuggi basti. Interestingly, the camera equipment were stolen even before they were functional.The government was yet to install DVR and monitoring system when the thieves stole parts of CCTV system installed.
MLA Pawan Sharma blamed Delhi Police for the theft. According to Pawan Sharma(MLA) , CM Arvind Kejriwal has the responsibility of installing CCTV cameras but the responsibility of keeping them safe is with the Delhi Police. And in this case, Delhi Police has been acting negligently, the MLA claimed.
However, the locals blamed the AAP government for leaving the project incomplete. “Since the last four months, the CCTV cameras have been left here as showpieces”.
“Kejriwal government was sleeping from the last 4.5 years and now when his term is near over he is showing hastiness with projects so that he could put his advertisement everywhere before elections,” Jay Prakash said( BJP’S VICE PRESIDENT).

Author: Mamta Joshi

Currently pursuing my degree for mass communication from maharaja agrasen institute of management studies

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