Priyanka Chopra smoking: Oops what happened to her Asthma free campaign?

Priyanka Chopra has garnered the ire of social media after a picture showing her smoking a cigarette went viral.
Last year, the actress admitted to suffering from asthma ever since she was five. She also joined forces with Cipla Respiratory to raise awareness about the disease. However, her enjoying a puff has ruffled a few feathers in the interwebz, who have slammed the actress for being “hypocritical”.The actress rang in her 37th birthday on 18 July with her family and friends in a yacht party. In a picture that has gone viral, Priyanka can be seen smoking a cigarette while her mother Madhu Chopra and husband Nick Jonas are seen smoking cigars.
Let’s have a look on the troll’s:

PriyankaChopra is the same topper student who says, “yaar maine to kuch padha hi nhi” but we all know what the reality is!

  • Achanta pathak

Whereas some are in support :
So #PriyankaChopra was pictured smoking..Can’t a woman make independent choices without being trolled ! Maybe she did not smoke before, maybe now or maybe she was just taking a drag.. leave her alone !!
She is an #Indian icon.. she has achieved What few Indians have !!

— Tehseen Poonawalla

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