Both winners’: Reactions to ICC World Cup final

Reaction after England beat New Zealand on number of boundaries hit in the Cricket World Cup final at Lord’s on Sunday. The match and a Super Over both ended in ties.

England captain Eoin Morgan:

“There wasn’t a lot in that game. I’d like to commiserate (with) Kane Williamson and his team. The fight they show is worth aspiring to, the example they set is commendable to all. It was a hard, hard game where people found it hard to score.
“This has been a four-year journey, we have developed a lot. We find it hard to play on wickets like that and today was about getting over the line. Sport is tough at times.
“I was being cooled down by Liam Plunkett, which is not a good sign! I was up and down like a yo-yo.”
“We are delighted that we are lifting the trophy.”

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson:

“It certainly wasn’t for one extra run, there are so many parts in that match that could have gone either way.
“Congratulations to England, they had a fantastic campaign and deserve their victory.
“It’s been challenging, the pitches have been different. There was a lot of talk of 300+ scores but there hasn’t been much of that. We have showed heart and fight to get to this stage and a tie in the final – it wasn’t meant to be.
“The guys are shattered. It’s devastating. Tough to swallow.”
England all-rounder Ben Stokes who was named man of the match:
“It feels pretty good – I am lost for words to be honest. So much hard work has gone in, this is what we aspire to be. I don’t think there will ever be a better game in cricket than that.
“I have apologised countless times for that fluke (inadvertently diverting the ball for four runs while diving for the crease), it’s not how you want to get them. There was no chance I wasn’t going to bat in that Super Over.”

England wicketkeeper Jos Buttler:

“Unbelievable isn’t it? You think you’ve seen it all – ridiculous. An amazing occasion, it’s hard to put into words.
“Me and Ben Stokes wanted to take the game deep, we didn’t feel like the run rate would be a problem if we were there at the end. I don’t know what happened at the end!”

England batsman Jonny Bairstow:

“One hell of a game, it edged both ways and the way the guys came out in the super over was huge. We bowled well to be honest with you and they put us under a lot of pressure.
“It was tough. The way that Stokesy and Jos put that partnership together, that won us the game.
“What a spectacle! What an atmosphere. To play a World Cup final in front of friends and families, it was huge. Difficult to put into words.”

England fast bowler Jofra Archer:

“I was pretty sure I was going to bowl it (the Super Over), my heart is still racing. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever won.”

England fast bowler Chris Woakes:

“I am lost for words. I can’t believe what has happened. I can’t get my head around it. I thought it was gone needing 30 off 16. It has probably been the best day for cricket in this country.
“I feel like everything that has happened today is destiny.”

England bowler Liam Plunkett:

“What a day, it hasn’t sunk in. A great game of cricket, what a finish.
“Hats off to the Kiwi boys. I tried to swing the willow and connect with a few when I came in at the end. It just felt like it was going to happen for us.”

England batsman Joe Root:

“Wow! It’s hard to sum it up. What a day, what a tournament. Everyone has done everything asked of them. We have performed under pressure, it was almost written in the stars for Ben Stokes.
“He’s had such a tough time, I’m so proud of him and pleased for him and his family.”

New Zealand all-rounder Jimmy Neesham:

“We knew we would have to fire a few shots. Credit to England for the way they stuck at it. On another day the coin may have fallen our way. We’ll look back in a couple of years and say this was a pretty good experience.
“That’s the way we are as Kiwis, we get par scores and then scrap like hell. We don’t blast teams off the park.”

England coach Trevor Bayliss:

“These guys have put in so much hard work and it’s come to fruition. A lot of people behind the scenes have done a fantastic job and this feels fantastic.
“It makes it all worthwhile. We have come in for criticism at times but we had a goal in mind and this is the proof.
“Jofra Archer is our best bowler, he’s hard to get away and he bowls a good yorker. He had the class and he showed it. The future he has got – he’s going to be a fantastic bowler.

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