Vasudhara Falls: Place to remember for last long

Vasudhara Falls is a waterfall situated near Badrinath. It is located on river “Alaknanda”. Mana Village and Vasudhara Fall are usually accessible to tourists during the same season of the year when Badrinath temple is open to the general public. Badrinath is accessible by motor vehicles from Rishikesh. Rishikesh is the nearest railway station in this region.

The foot trek starts from Mana village. After passing Saraswati Mandir, the trek becomes tough as walkway being very steep.

The views of vasudhara river valley during this inclined trek are very scenic. The trekking from Mana to Vasudhara takes two hours. There are no food or water utilities along the route, so please carry your own water bottle and light food snacks in a back-pack. Sports shoes are advised to wear.

Vasundhara waterfall is a good sight, set in the background is a tall mountain cliff from where the waterfalls.

Having a bath under the falling water is very refreshing and adventurous. The nearby mountains are Chaukhamba, Nilkantha and Balakun etc.

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