Healthy Habits for Healthy livelihood

According to the report of Researchers the programme was aimed at helping people for modifying the factors of lifestyle such as diet and exercise is full of  impact as medication at reducing blood pressure. The study, presented at the Nutrition 2018 meeting in Boston, suggested that the participants saw their blood pressure drop 19 points, on average, after taking part in a lifestyle programme for just 14 days.

Researchers have found that the less amount of blood pressure accomplished by the programme was same to what can be achieved using three some of the standard medications for blood pressure. Participants have followed a vegetable diet, walking in the fresh air, drinking needful amount of  water,maintain your daily sleep and participated in optional spiritual activities.

At the end of the programme, half of the participants achieved a systolic blood pressure below the recommended 120 mmHg, the researcher said. The programme was effective ,  healthy men and women and people with diabetes/sugar or who were obese and those with high cholesterol levels, they noted.

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