Berries can be precarious to store, and if you do it incorrectly, they will shape and wind up soaked rapidly. It’s in reality best not to refrigerate berries, yet just on the off chance that you are anticipating utilising them speedily. They stay delicious and firm at room temperature.

Just wash the berries directly before utilising them, else, they are probably going to form. When you do flush them, do it in a colander. Try not to submerge those valuable berries in water. You can store them in the ice chest for longer-term use however ensure they aren’t in an impermeable compartment. This applies to a wide range of berries, including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and so on.

Fixed Tuna

A few people imagine that unopened canned fish ought to go in the fridge yet that isn’t the situation by any means. Indeed, it is fish; however, it arrives in a can from an unrefrigerated segment of the market which is as it should be.


Entire, whole, onion globules ought to never be kept in the ice chest. If you do, they will rapidly wind up rotten and soft from the mugginess in the icebox. At the point when onions have cooled the starches inside the knob are changed over to sugars.


This next one will be a touch disputable. In any case, the spread can be let alone for the refrigerator. Also, when you attempt it, you will get it. Room-temperature margarine spreads like paradise on earth. Who wouldn’t need that?

Olive Oil

Keeping your olive oil in the refrigerator is a terrible thought. Fridges are wet and muggy spots, and the build-up can seriously influence the kind of your olive oil. It will likewise make your olive oil become overcast and harden after some time.


On the off chance that you purchase pickles in the refrigerated segment of the market, at that point it’s ideal to continue putting away it in the ice chest at home. Be that as it may, actually most pickles don’t should be refrigerated because of their substance.

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