Tips for treating your acne at any age

It’s on everyone’s agenda to have a clear and fresh skin at any age. Remember to keep your skin clean and well moisturized. Yes, your mother was right – never go to bed with a dirty face. Some other skin saving points that one can  follow:

  1. Drink lots of water at least eight to ten glasses each day. Water will do more for your looks then the most expensive creams and lotions.
  2. Feed your skin from the inside out. Eat a balanced diet full of fibre, fresh vegetables, and fruit. You may also want to avoid salty foods and seafood. Both are sources of iodine, which can cause acne flare-ups in some individuals.
  3. Keep your hands off of your face.
  4. Use a weekly gentle scrub such as ground almonds, oatmeal, or cornmeal.
  5. Honey makes an excellent facial mask for troubled skin because it has antibacterial properties.
  6. Treat your skin with care. Do not steam or scrub your skin. This will only aggravate the situation and stimulate your oil glands.
  7. Relax and get plenty of sleep. A clear head often equates to clear skin. Lack of sleep and stress can sometimes lead to unexpected breakouts.

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