2019 Lok Sabha elections turned out daily Soap for Vote Aspirants

After the massive win by BJP in Lok sabha elections, many updates and stories are hyping in. The new story of Punjab Candidate is thrilling among news & Social media contents. Memers get new content in the month of May. With BJP securing overhelming majority, almost every other party and candidate were disappointed. But things are different for Jalandhar Candidate – Neetu Shutteran Wala, an independent candidate from Punjab. Neetu Shutteran Wala, stood independently in the recent held polls and claimed to have gotten only 5 votes. When he was being interviewed, he broke down before the camera and started crying. Well, he is crying not because of the alleged 5 votes. He is crying because he got 5 votes despite having 9 people in his own family. Yes, his own family members betrayed him and didn’t vote for him.

Talking to a reporter outside the counting station, Neetu said:

I have nine votes in my family but got only five votes and this is shocking for me. My entire street had vowed to vote for me but I just got five votes. I had remained away from my shop for a month and worked among people but they did not vote for me. 

The man whiping his tears, blamed his family and accused the EVM machines of being tampered in the voting process, which resulted in his loss.Well, the man is so disheartened with the results that he has decided to not run for the elections ever again.


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